Saturday, April 26, 2008


This little primate has adopted our home.. star apple tree, narra, euka and all.. as its very own.
When I got home the other morning, the other neighbor yayas were sort of trying to 'trim' a tree at our corner street. Or so I thought. Only to find out that they were trying to catch this run-away monkey. Pano ko nalaman? When I woke up in the afternoon and about to get ready for work, Diego came in and is bragging about 'Muy-Muy'.
Muy-Muy is the name given to this monkey who is now taken refuge of our star apple tree. He is still wearing a 'belt', probably or apparently where a chain used to be, and may had 'escaped' from his former owners. He now transfers from the star apple tree in our backyard, to the narra tree or euka tree at the front yard. Cousin Angge swears of an ebola epidemic.. while I rant about Muy-Muy's slowly eating away the tiboli lights on the euka tree! He is sometimes seen across the street on the neighbor's mango tree, and still goes back home to us. Neighbors have been trying to catch him. Mama swears she'd be calling Marikina's Parks and Leisure Office after Muy-Muy peed on my nephew's yaya!

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