Thursday, April 13, 2006


I've never met anyone as sensitive and passionate as him. There are some things in life, when it happens, brings out something in a person that makes him different from how you know him. This actually surprised me. He is strong-willed. He knows what he wants. He strives to make things happen..for others' sake.

Nakakagulat, because for a guy in his stature, he started this support group, Let-Go-and-Move-On, which caters to separated/newly-separated individuals. He looks back on what was a perfect relationship, hoping to find answers. He got to realize a lot of things. He 'found' himself (as I see it) within himself, trying to accept reality, swallowing much pride and wallowing in the shadow of what has been.

The aim of this group is to be a haven for people who are trying to move on (yup, ex-married, or soon-to-be-ex-married). No knick-knacks here. This is not a dating group, nor a place to 'pick-up' vulnerable men or women. This is serious business. This is a group where one can share experiences, cry, be angry, voice out, rant, and at the same time help others who are on the same boat. It is different getting advices from friends or family. This is a diverse group of disinterested individuals (well, no shrinks here) who would find time to talk and talk and listen and listen.

To you, my friend.. may this group fulfill the goals you have set.. that is, letting go, and moving on. Member na ako, di ba?


Anonymous said...

pwede din ako mag-member? heheh. hi reia! saw your comment on PinoyBlogPress... thanks for the visit... I almost did not see your comment in the middle of the comment spams... Gerry

see you at

Reia said...

hi gerry. well, the surprise is mine! :-) PinoyBlogPress was an interesting read... and yeah, those spam comments are a nightmare! thanks for dropping by!