Friday, April 14, 2006

Growing up with Zaturnnah on a Good Friday.

Finally woke up (yeh at this time!) with Diego crying (tired and trying to stay awake after coming home from church and joining a procession with Yaya and Andee). Found out that their dad visited this afternoon and took them to McDonald's. Got a whooping 23 text messages (unlimited text addicts!) and 3 missed calls from friends.

Slept at around 11:00am this morning after arriving from work at around 8:00am, helped Yaya Delia with lunch, watched Good Friday mass on TV with the kids, and a bro-sis bonding moment over tusilog (tuyo, sinangag and itlog!! ) and coffee with Cak and updates with Zaturnnah and his recent meetings with Mother Lily and Mark Meily for the movie.

Cak wanted me to take Andee to watch a Zaturnnah matinee at PETA. Sigurado ka? She's a 7 year old! So what? Cak mentioned that during one of the runs at Tanghalang Pilipino, he saw a kid in the audience. Ah ok. What the heck?!?! Andee and Diego practically grew up with and around Zaturnnah! and they are his/her youngest fans! They had learned to accept (or realize?) that there are other orientations, besides being boy or girl. They know that people with this orientation should not be ridiculed or laughed at. They have watched (intrudingly) on how their Tito Cak drew the boards for Zaturnnah (labas! ang gugulo ninyo!). They were around when we were laughing out hysterically and having a ball talking about Zaturnnah-would-be scenes and suggesting gay lingo or swardspeak (told you "sundutin mo sa k_ps" is better than "kurutin mo sa ut_ng!"). And they were there the first time Zaturnnah was featured on TV... on Ernie Baron's Knowledge Power.

How ironic to talk about a gay-parlorista-turned-sexy-female-superhero on a Good Friday! And how is it, as a parent, exposing my kids to gay (and lesbian) issues!..? I am not religious... but I go on private 'dates' with Him (I had to catch up, because I almost lost Him last mistake). I want my kids to be aware that some people are not really, well, up to norms. They are still people of God. I don't give a damn what other people say that the bible condemns these sorts or that it is not acceptable. My God is good. The society only 'sees' the bad side (much like seeing ALL bad sides of the current what else is new?).

When Cak started out Zaturnnah 3-4 years ago, there was only one goal here... to remove/falsify (right term ba?) whatever society dictates about gays and/or lesbians. Funny, you know. My kids know better.

Going back..
Yeah, I'm taking Andee to watch ZsaZsa Zaturnnah: Ze Muzikal Repeat at the PETA Theater tentatively on the 23rd, as per request of my brother (so when you see a 30-something mom watching with her 7 year-old daughter amidst an all straight and gay-loving and/or curious audience...hmmm...that'll probably be us LOL). This will be the 1st of a series of 3 Zaturnnah shows that I will be watching.. (April 29th Matinee show with friends from work; and the last evening show, April 30th with family and friends...and hey, the only show where Cak has confirmed that he will DEFINITELY be there!)


zee said...

hi ms. reia!
i'll bring my 11 year old sister with me on the 22nd, evening show. hahaha!

i asked for Sir Carl's permission muna. LOL.


Reia said...

oh hi zee! :-) believe me, i'm sure ok lang yan. kids nowadays are smarter than we think! LOL I was pinching myself then saying...oo nga ano?!? let's start them young and make them accept and understand. thnkas for visiting :-)

zee said...

definitely. saka memorize na ng kapatid ko yung lines, sinasabayan na nga nya pati yung songs kanina while watching! haha! she enjoyed naman :)

thanks for visiting my site! see you soon! and hi to andee!