Monday, April 03, 2006


It was a pleasant surprise riding the MRT on my way home from work this morning. The men are now separated from the women (with the disabled grouped with the women). I could imagine the inconvenience when this was implemented. Imagine having to separate from your husband or boyfriend to get on a separate car...unless you'd like to be the only rose among the thorns.

I was with my officemate, DJ, and we took our seats and chatted away the morning. It smelled fresher (unlike before when it smelled a mixture of sweat against reworn jeans and cigarettes) and of course, a LOT comfortable and 'airy'. We looked at the next car and saw it cramped and packed with men--- really sardines-like! Wawa naman..

'Tis great to be female! No more cramped spaces or smell of sweat. No need to position yourself in a manner where you had to make sure the taller male-form beside you don't get to peak through your neckline. And no more wondering whether you sworn you just felt something like a folded umbrella or briefcase rub you from behind!!!!


brax said...

hahahahaha....wala nang pagkakataon ang mga miyembro ng Los Hijos de La Pipac de las Manyak...hahahaha sarap panuorin nag ibat ibang style ng tsansing at boso-hing..hahahhahahah...pano yung nag cross dressing....pano malallaman kung babae o lalake...kakapkapan pa ba? San kaya pede mag apply ng taga kapkap...( sa female line...bwahahahahahha jokjokjok...pero pede rin...hahahahahah)

Reia said...

hmmmm.....good point...hehehe