Sunday, April 09, 2006

Masahe nga!

Oh my! My body aches! What DID I do during those 2 days' off?!?!

Hmmm....Not only that, but I have this terrible sunburn on my shoulders. The kids had a swimming spree in their mini pool at the garden. I got myself wet too...ahem... and in charge of the water hose, taga-spray ng tubig! With this heat and these aches, oh how nice it would be just spending sweet time on the beach... or treating yourself to a tremendously great massage! (Abs, next time you send me a picture, do include a gift certificate treat to a massage!!!! LOL)


wild guess said...

mahal... i'll give you a back rub anytime! how are you? long time no see! i see you've got kids already. sayang. always take care okay. guess who?!
i will be watching Zaturnnah. it looks like i'll be looking for you on the 30th.

Reia said...

thanks...but i can't give a wild guess of who you are..?! any wild hints?