Monday, September 18, 2006

Dixie Doo

I mention several blog posts before that one of the people that make me laugh is Dykee. He is my team mate at work and whatever one-liner he says, actually even one word that ever comes out of his mouth, never failed to make me laugh. Even a single facial expression can lead all of us in the team ache with laughter! He'd come to work in this fabulously wild-colored, or brightly patterned slacks.

Incidentally he hosts kiddie parties part-time... hmmmmm ... gotta ask if he does adult parties too! Anyway, for those who'd like to 'try him out' hehe, give this clown a favor, call him up! (wala akong referral fee dito ha?!?)

Dick Saraza 235-7924 / 0906-304-7518 (clown, party host, baloonist, party specialist)

*****update Sept.28: Dykee has just left for the US. We will miss him!!!! *hikbi*

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