Friday, September 08, 2006


This is the nth time I was unable to go to work because of this headache! And here I am complaining because...
#1: did you know how much per day is deducted from my paycheck?!? (hehe, no, I won't tell);
#2: attendance bonus just flew out the window; AND,
#3: it's sooo damn stuffy at home (believe me, this impending rain always gets the humidity up and the nose reacts!)

All this just because...
#1: I don't find time to get out and see a doctor (galing mo, Reia!);
#2: I think I'm Superwoman or something..; AND
#3: I can't get unnecessary things off my mind! (naku, kasalanan ko talaga!)

.....well, at least I get to rest, but then, look....I'm wide awake at this hour!!!! :-(

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