Sunday, September 03, 2006

ZZZ again!

We were all excited this evening. The family (and that included Andee and Diego), at 9:00pm, gathered in the living room and had a sampling from the musical soundtrack from ZsaZsa Zaturnnah Ze Movie ( which, incidentally is one of the finalists for this year's Metro Manila Filmfest) .

For those of you who watched and re-watched the play, I figured you'd get goosebumps like I did (well, most of us did, including Cak) upon hearing the oh, so familiar tunes from the original muzical play soundtrack...pop version. Though we can't help but compare how Eula Valdez (for the play) and Zsa Zsa Padilla (for the movie), or Agot and/or Kalila ( for the play) and Pops Fernandez (for the movie), interpreted the songs, ( there is a huge difference, in my opinion), Vince de Jesus, as always, did a remarkable and brilliant twist, or switch, in regards to rendering the original R&B-gospel-blues version of the song/s to a pop-version, as what is required in the movie. A few favorites were included but we unanimously agreed that the Zaturnnah BattleHymn (Viktoria!Winner!Tagumpay!) should've been considered also. At any rate, we are all excited about this, and hopefully, though no news yet, the 4th run for Ze Muzical will push-on... wonderful come-on for Ze Movie too!


Anonymous said...

hello! would you know where i could purchase a Zaturnnah soundtrack? :)

Reia said...

hi there henson! the Zaturnnah soundtrack (play) was available during the previous playdates. I'm sorry, I am not really sure where it can be purchased. Hmmm...just wondering whether Vince (de Jesus) still have some left. I'll get back to you.
The movie OST was a 'borrow' :-), so to speak. :-) stay cool!