Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Let them say 'Yes'

My brother Cak, gave me this book to read. I call it the 'Diego Manual'.. hehe. I've never really started reading it yet, though I was able to browse through. It does say that it

"is a practical resource for parents dealing with children's resistance, stubborness, opposition, and defiance.....helps parents recognize, understand, and cope with child's resistant behavior--whether it arises as part of a normal stage of growth, stems from a child's temperament, or has developed from other, less easily definable sources..."

The book has a per chapter specifically for a certain age group, from one-year-old toddler, two-year-old toddler, even up to understanding school-age children, the preadolescent years (10-13 year-olds), and up to adolescent (14-18 year-olds).

Not that I badly need it, it just seem to be a promising read!

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