Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Di nila kinaya ang superpowers ni ZZZ!!!!

Congratulations to Tanghalang Pilipino!
Zsazsa Zaturnnah Ze Muzikal has been nominated for Best Musical Production in the 19th Aliw Awards. Also receiving noms are Tuxqs Rutaquio for Best Stage Actor (Musical) and Eula Valdez for Best Stage Actress (Musical). Sana manalo kayong lahat! :-)

The Aliw Awards is an annual event which honors achievements in live performances. The ceremony will take place this Thursday at the Manila Hotel.

Post lifted from Carverhouse


brax said...

hey thats great.
musta na
verrrryyyy long time na a
minsan pag tumatawag dedma pa hahahahaha.
Kust came back fron cambodia and trying to catch up on things.

Reia said...

brax...hoy di naman ako dedma ha... :-) the time you called, i was at work hehe... catch up talaga!