Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Lobat na ko

Coming home from work is most of the time, a relief. Though how corny it may sound, I usually enjoy getting a copy and reading the Libre tabloid given out at the MRT every morning. I do take a peak at its 'Kapalaran' or horoscope section just for kicks... and an occassional snort or giggle with my daily dose of Pugad Baboy.

This morning, the headline reads: Lobat na ko.

The word 'lobat', short for low battery (or battery low, for that matter) a term coined whenever your cellphone battery's almost out, was declared as the 'Word of the Year' during the Sawikaan 2006: Pambansang Kumperensiya sa Salita ng Taon, a yearly conference of the Filipinas Institue of Translation, National Commission for Culture and Arts, and the Blas F. Ople Foundation. This event aims to view the progress of the Filipino language (through new words, and or phrases) that have an effect or influenced Filipino's socio-cultural standing. The word 'lobat' won among other entires because of its witty or whimsical translation pertaining to a Filipino's likening to a cellphone's battery gone low-- in regards to personal problems, hard work, the society, etc. Other words 'nominated' are: botox, toxic, spa, orocan. Also spa, karir, payreted, birdflu and chacha. Interesting 'no?

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