Saturday, September 30, 2006

8th Birthday

Andee celebrated her 8th birthday yesterday, which went by oh, so quietly. Her request for a party was not granted (again...*sob*..I'll make it up to you, baby..) and the supposedly treat to Enchanted Kingdom didn't push through either, because of her school's Family Day activity which was originally scheduled for this morning, was moved to a later date.. because of typhoon Milenyo.

Andee and her Tito Cak went out this afternoon.. a bonding thing. When they got home late afternoon, out went the cake, on top went the lighted candle, on went the 'happy birthday' singing... and then Diego blew the candle out! Hehe... not until Andee blew the candle first. We had to do a second take so that Diego can have his turn!!!!

I still don't have a recent photo of her, unfortunately for some reason, my phone can't send pictures to my email here I had to check old folders (if she sees that she doesn't have her photo posted, she'll make kulit lang! lol).


brax said...

belated hapi birthday andee from tito brax

Reia said...

Tito Brax! Andee says 'thank you'.. nakalimutan na daw nya kasi password niya kaya di siya maka-comment :-) San daw gift mo..hehe