Saturday, June 16, 2007

K as Z

Watched ZsaZsa Zaturnnah Ze Muzical (for God knows how many runs now) at the Carlos P. Romulo Theater, RCBC Tower in Makati., with Mama, Carol, my sis-in-law (and her officemate), Tita Lang, my cousin, Lala, and my Tita Ann, visiting from Bangkok. Unfortunately, her husband, American Tito Rick was not feeling ok that day. Sayang! According to Tita Ann, a week before their trip here to Manila, Tito Rick has the 4 year-old Zaturnnah book by his bedside.. 'reviewing' it -- . He knows how to read and understand Tagalog fairly but sometimes turn to Tita Ann to ask her what some words mean..("What's betlog? what's keps?")

Missed seeing Carlo (kamusta outing?), Zee was there and Penny also! (how I wished I could wear what she's wearing--frustration ko yon!-- long skirt and tank top!) Anywayzzzz..... K Brosas as Zaturnnah is a welcoming experience. When Ada transaforms to ZsaZsa and back-- this time I 'see' one person. Unlike the preview runs, I felt K Brosas and Tuqs Rutaquio(Ada) blended in a way that Ada/ZsaZsa is ONE person-- they talk alike and seemingly have just one personality. From afar, (loge seats) K looks like a bigger Eula Valdez-- bigger boobs and bigger voice!. Vocal-wise, Eula has my vote, though there are some songs, like "Ang Pagmumuni-muni ni ZsaZsa" where I find K's version more 'feeling' and 'sagad sa buto'. Enjoy kami. There are new things to watch out for, though I do not like it much when there wasn't any 'fight scene' anymore at the kakanin factory. Parang nagtago na lang si ZsaZsa that time, and the Amazonistas cluelessly looking for her.

I liked how they added more detail in the last part 'Ikaw and Superhero ng Buhay Ko'. Very effective! Cak mentioned it to me last week, that he suggested it for the last part though he doesn't know kung itutuloy nila. Well, they did, and I couldn't help but blurt it out loudly.."Ay!!!! tinuloy nila!!!!" Hehe--parang 1970's musical!

Will be back next weekend, the evening of the 24th AND on July 1st matinee with friends from the office. "Can't get enuf ano, Te!!"


zee said...

Hi Teh! :)
Baklang bakla si K no?! Nakakatawa. Fave ko yung "macho dance" nya. ANG GALING! Hahahaha!

Kita kits again sa July 1st matinee.


Reia said...

Hi Zee! I agree! :-)

carlo said...

di ako masyadong nakaka-blog hop! hehehe! see you sunday!!!