Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Remembering Mozart

On my way to work today, I go the usual jeepney ride to Manggahan in Pasig. The weather was cool this morning, and windy. That was around 9:45am. The jeepney stopped at their usual 'stops' and an old couple, both I would say, about their 60's, got on the jeepney. 'Lolo' was carrying a plastic bag with fruits and vegetables, while 'Lola' has a small basket, as I see it, covered with a piece of cloth.

It was only when a little girl (a passenger) gasp and shouted "Mommy, puppy! puppy!" that I saw what was in the basket. Yup, the puppy was around 4 months old.... dark brown, big floppy ears. I saw Lola cuddling and caring fore it.. took out a baby bottle and fed it with milk, as the little girl looked on. Seeing this, I remembered Mozart....
Mozart was only 2 months old when he got sick. No one else at home had the time..or the will! take care of him since most are busy with work anyway, and his medications are scheduled every 3-4 hours or so. Mozart is my cat. His mom is Evita, my red persian-shorthair --- who actually looks more like an american short-- while his dad was, well.. 'at large'.

Mozart came out long-haired, bright red coat and beautiful copper eyes. I've taken him to the vet once or twice because he seemed lame and doesn't eat. He has to take his medicine every 4 hours for two days. Fortunately, the first day, I was on day-off. I was then Merchandise Supervisor for a waterpark down south..Splash Island in San Pedro, Laguna. The second day, I had no choice but to take him to work.

So armed with a basket, a few old rags, his medication and food-- I took him to work. Left the house at 5:00am to catch the company shuttle to Laguna at 5:30am.

Animals were not allowed, of course. Mozart's temporary home was inside my office. I would check on him not every hour, but every 5 minutes! My staff would go in and pet him once in a while and assured him that he'd get well. My staff.. King, Grace and Jun. And of course, how can I forget Rey-- my so-ever criticising, persistent, handsome assistant who would jokingly say that Mozart's well off as 'siopao' !

Anyway, Mozart got well of course but I miss him. Wherever he is now I hope he is well taken care of.
"Manong, C-5 lang po!" a passenger called out... I snapped out of my daydreaming.. what's this? I wiped the tear in my eye and alighted from the jeepney.

There are reasons why animals, or pets, or cats come into our lives. For me, they have this special 'thing' that makes a person more caring. Or loving. What is life without them as they stand as our kids to teach us the ins and outs of 'parenting' even before we're married and have our own family?
The puppy is so lucky with the old couple to take care of him. Because of them, too, I had put aside a moment of reminiscing. Remembering Mozart.

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