Friday, September 02, 2005

Christmas in September

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It is September! I could've sworn there was something fishy when, on my way to work this morning, the radio was blaring Jose Mari Chan's "Christmas in our Hearts" yeah, it's September all right... start of the "BER" months (SeptemBER, OctoBER, NovemBER, DecemBER) which also signals the (unofficial) start of the Christmas season for most Filipinos.

You'll hear Christmas carols this early on the radio. Next month, October, you'll get to see some houses or establishments putting up decorations. Then in November, after the first week (All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day), Christmas will be in full-blast, and last till the first Sunday of January (Feast of the Three Kings). Better start that Christmas list!
The first Christmas celebrated in the Philippines was in 1565, when Spanish colonizers brought the holiday to the islands.
LOL that was the info I got from my 6 year old daughter, Andee (thank God she loves books!).


Vicki said...

Wow Xmas alleady?. I think it starts about October here is Australia. The decorations start flowing into the stores. I hate it beacause it just makes the kids ask "how much longer till Xmas mummy" and we get 3 months of it GRRRRR.

Love that gorgeous Photo tho.

kars said...

i actually published a similar article bout feeeling the xmas season in september. ",)

adriantai said...

jose mari chan. that's a name i've not heard in a long, long time...
i remember him from his 'beautiful girl' album.

doris said...

And it is the same here in the UK! Except that we don't get the Christmas songs on the radio until near Christmas. The shopping channels started selling their Christmas wares in July, end of August some bits start arriving in the shops and now it is Septmber I am dreading shopping for my daughter's birthday present as I am sure the Christmas presents and some decorations will already be up!

As for decorations on people's houses, I notice that a lot of people don't bother to take down the electric lights and just switch them back on in about November.

I love Christmas so much. But I don't like this long drawn out fuss!

BTW - I still love that ballerina pic and can imagine being your daughter and the thrill I'd feel that my mom had drawn me such a magical picture :-)