Monday, September 05, 2005


Received this forwarded email this morning. Figured I'd share it. Since it was written in Tagalog, I've translated it to English. LOL didn't know if it gave justice to the joke... :-)

Where'd the peso go?

There's this great shirt in a department store worth Php
97.00. You've no money so you borrwed Php 50.00 from your best
friends and another Php 50.00 from your sister. How much do you
have now? (ans: Php 100.00)

You bought the T-Shirt. How much is your change? (ans: Php

You returned Php 1.00 to your best friend, how much do you still owe him?
(ans: Php 49.00)

The other peso, you returned to your sister, how much do you still owe your
sister? (ans: Php 49.00)

You have Php 1.00 left. Now think... 49 + 49 ? (ans: 98) + Php
1.00 that's left? (ans: 99) Where'd the other peso
go? Let's analyze this:

You owe your best friend Php 49.00 plus the Php 1.00 returned equals Php 50.00; You owe your sister Php 49.00 plus the Php 1.00 returned equals Php 50.00.

50 + 50 ? (ans: 100) plus the peso that's left with you (ans: 101)

Why do you have an extra peso?


adriantai said...

but if u seriously analyse it (this also means u have too much free time, like myself), then u would realise the calculation is wrong.

you owe 100. u used 97. u return 1 to each creditor. so u now owe only 98 (49x2) = you used 97 + 1 with you.

if u want to compare with how much you owe, you need to minus instead of plus (this means u minus 1 from 97, not add and then get 99)... errr... get it?!? :)

adriantai said...

Actually, I came across the riddle in English quite sometime back... I'm just glad my memory has not failed me. :)

Alec said...

You mixed credit and debit, which you never should do, otherwise you'll end up with a migraine.

CREDIT: You still owe your friend and sister P49 each (P98 in all)

DEBIT: (P97 for the shirt and the P1 you have) = P98