Thursday, October 06, 2005

Pretty handsome in pink!

I like looking at guys (straight guys, mind you!) who wear pink. On my way to work today I saw this guy waiting for a ride. Nice pink long-sleeved shirt! Had my eyes glued to him. I find them to be more masculine... and BRAVE enough to wear that color, amidst all conclusions that pink is feminine AND/OR effeminate.

Had I read it somewhere during my merchandising career stints that the color pink originally was intended to be worn by males? Yes, males. As in men. Macho. Gentleman. Hombre. Lalaki. Papa. The logic apparently behind it is that this color, when worn by the male specie, sends out a signal to the ever vulnerable female that makes the latter fall for this shade. Hence, 'physical' attraction. The guy then gets his catch.

Whether myth or fact, yeah... it gets me. LOL well, he smiled first.

.... and that was that (sigh!)


karina blessica said...

ako din. i find guys who wear pink more handsome and interesting. ",)

dien03bheiby said...

guys who wear pink? yep, i find them interesting too---bold to be exact.

i have a guy friend who doesn't m wearing pink and he's cute wearing that color.

Vicki said...

Hey there, Just chekcing in haven't stopped in for a little while and have missed a lot.

Guys in Pink are very nice, wish my hubby would have the guts to wear it but he's "too macho" for pink he