Friday, November 25, 2005


"Ang matandaaaaaa...kahit kubaaaa......sapilitang tumindig-tindig upang kumendeeeeeeng!"

OMG!!!! This has been playing over and over my head for the past 2 days! I've got the LSS.."Last Song Syndrome"! My mom has been playing this tape over and over and over. Singing this song over and over and over! Choreographing it over and over and over, much to my kid's amusement.

This is an original song made by my mom's friend's friend, and they're gonna present it (dance it!) for their Lions Club's Induction on January next year. I could just imagine a dozen Lady Lions, aged around 40-70 years, dancing to this beat.

Would I dare watch it? I really don't know...for after this piece, the beat livens up and they put their hair down! "Ma-ma-ma-ma-ma ma yo quiero, ma ma yo quiero, ma ma yo quiero mama!..."

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doris said...

LOL Sounds wonderful - my son calls old people "crimplies" so I can imagine all the crimplies dancing just like in your pic!