Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Pride and joy

I took Andee and Diego to Riverbanks Mall to have Andee's picture taken as part of the requirements needed for her to take the admission test to St. Scholastica's Academy here in Marikina for the 2nd grade.
I decided to have their picture taken together as well, as Andee has kept pleading for a good picture that she can put in her new wallet (given to her by a classmate during their christmas party), and something to send to their grand-lola and other relatives.

How they've grown! Andee has still been as pretty and photogenic as she is and Diego has finally learned how to 'smile'.. since he usually just stares at the camera or makes funny faces. Next time I'll include myself in! :-)

So I'm sharing with you my pride and joy.. Andee at 7 and Diego at 3 years old.


Anonymous said...

beautiful children! beautiful momma too.

kars said...

tell them pls that they're both cute! and your son's smile makes him more handsome! ",)

merry xmas!

Reia said...

thanks kars! and merry xmas too. lol diego needs to 'practice' that smile more often.
anon, thanks. hey, let me know who you are :-)

Clubbs said...

What beautiful children. Merry Christmas from a random visitor in the USA!


Reia said...

thanks, bob! and to think that Andee lost her front tooth a day after the shoot! lol magnificent timing!