Friday, March 24, 2006


It took two stiches on Diego's upper lip the other night when we rushed him to the hospital. He stumbled in the living room and his face hit the corner of the wooden table. I thought at first his tooth went off because of the blood, but later saw that it was a deep and wide cut on his upper lip.What was frightening for me was how Diego was crying. I know he was really really hurt. It was a good thing my brother, Baron, was here and we rushed Diego to the hospital. While the doctors were attending to Diego, Ron left to pick up my sister-in-law from work, leaving me 'alone'.

It was hard trying to calm Diego, saying that everything will be alright, no it won't hurt, yes I won't leave you, while trying to pin him down (with an intern and a nurse helping me) as the doctor injected anaesthesia directly to the cut. When the doctor placed a piece of cloth with a hole in the middle over Diego's face to start the stitching (the hole was directly over the wound), Diego began shouting "Ayoko ng Batman! Ayoko ng Batman!" I don't like Batman! pertaining to that piece of surgery green cloth with the hole. It left us giggling for a while. "Gusto kong makita si Mama!" I want to see Mama!

He was a brave little boy. Much like me, he can tolerate physical pain. But I hope the pain I felt inside me, he will not feel. For the first time I was alone. Trying to be calm. No one to turn to and assure me that all will be fine. No warm arm on my shoulder, or a hand in my hand. Calling the first name in my cel's phonebook gave inner warmth, to say the least (but I later regretted why I said I was ok and he need not come).

I was late for two hours at work. I cried while putting Diego to sleep. I need to talk to someone, and hear a friendly voice.
Thanks... 'you', for calling.


Earl Andre said...

Hey sis! Nag-text ka sana. I was at Mercury that night, waiting for Carol as she bought stuff, when i saw Baron (napansin ko sya kse naka-stop na yung ilaw sa intersection e go parin sya. :)

I was wondering what he was doing at concepcion... kala ko hinatid si mama or something.

Anyway, sabi ko nga, no one is ever alone. All they have to do is tap the person sitting next to them. Sa dinami ng contacts sa phonebook, i'm sure some of them will have been there with you. Ayoko mangaral kse mas matanda ka e. :D hehe But please realize, and understand, that we are family. Though mostly silent when it comes to personnal problems, open parin tayu to listen, and to support. Owkee? Mwah!

Reia said...

hey bro... hey i know :-) when it comes to things like this, walang matanda or bata! hehe. thanks. i was able to talk to someone naman. Ron was there so it was fine, but you know how different it is to really have 'someone there' di ba? hay naku! anyway, luv you!

Jheck David said...

Hi, Reia! I understand what you went through. Pag anak na natin ang nasa panganib o kahit konti sakit man lang, we want to change positions with them. Kung pwede lang na tayo na ang magkasakit,gagawin natin. Di ba?

I hope your kid gets well soon...


Reia said...

hi Jheck, thanks :-) hey..hope to see you soon!