Sunday, October 28, 2007

The 'What Ifs' of life..

I was early for work some time ago, and me and my team mate, Yna got into a series of relationship talks. We used to get into a deep discussion on the difference of "loving a person" as oppossed to "being in love with a person". This topic was a bit easy though, as the former's tendency is to a close friend..brotherly-sisterly thing, while the latter is deeper in meaning.

This time, our topic is the question of "What Ifs..?" She was pointing out that her' what ifs' theory is a main contibutor to what a person's outlook in life and self-satisfaction or fullfillment will be. There are thousands of questions about life. About ourselves, our families, our friends, our career, and relationships. The bottom line of it all is having the courage of going through life notwithstanding what might happen, just to answer certain questions and uncertainties. And another thing, is at the right and precise moment, let someone know you care and love them. Before you never get the opportunity, and before it's too late.....

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