Saturday, June 24, 2006

Long time, No see!....(no read, no write even!...)

Whew! It's been ages!!!!!!!!! I'd better learn how to blog through my cellphone in case the computer at home crashes again. I was surprised myself to see that this would be my 2nd June entry. That long, huh?!? To summarize this month's highlights....

June 5th was Andee's first day in school (and yes, she need not go to Palawan anymore. She's a second grader now at St. Scho in Marikina). And of course, first day mother-duty, I had to accompany my incoming-new-second-grader to school. After, eherm...over 20 (wha?!?!) years graduating from high school, my alma mater stands very much the same-- with a few new buildings-- and yes, even the manangs at the canteen were still there!!! The bell rang at exactly 7:15am, and we followed the class adviser to the respective classrooms. Andee would'nt allow me to help her with her bag as opposed to the other students who let their mommies or daddies carry their bags for them. Anyway... when their adviser asked us parents that we can now leave our daughters behind, I said goodbye to Andee. She smiled, but then, as I walked away and looked back, she wiped her tears off her face....

June 17th was the day I watched Zaturnnah for the 5th time. And as always, I try to tag along with me 'Zaturnnah Virgins' so to speak :-D Sayang, should've tagged along with Cak and my mom (and her barkadas at the Lion's Club) to the last show on June 18th. Mother Lily was there and so were the cast for the Zaturnnah movie...Zsa Zsa Padilla, Rustom Padilla, Pops Fernandez, and Chokoleit. Missed you, Zee and Jheck.. naku... see you on the 4th run!

June 23rd... last night I received a text message from Cak.. "Ate, nandito ako sa presscon di pa nagsisimula. Afraid ako!" He was at a presscon for the Zaturnnah movie. Naku! Ikaw pa! kayang-kaya mo yan! I texted back. At the back of my mind, I couldn't imagine how my fantabulous 5'10" tall kid brother would get cold feet and even butterflies in his stomach after all he has gone through! ... and a LOT at that! Everytime I think about him, where he is right now, how far he has gone as far as Zaturnnah and other projects goes, he still has his feet planted firmly on the ground. Kung tutuusin, mas mature pa siya sa akin in some aspects. Hugs, bro.. Love you.


Jigs said...

I have a cousin studying at St Scho marikina! I think she's also grade two, I'm jus not sure. LOL! Her name's Kelly. Your little Andee is so sweet! As for Zsa Zsa Zaturnah, I still havent seen the play. If I cant catch it, I'll watch the movie instead. Hope it gives it justice! :)

fortuitous faery said...

hi reia, thanks for linking me!

zaturnnah is now a movie? wow. i bought that comic book from national bookstore last year and brought it with me here to NJ...i haven't gotten around to reading it yet.... :P the art is amazing, though!

zee said...

hi Ms. Reia! we missed you too! i actually asked Carlo if you're watching.
"Carlo, where's Ate?" hahaha. ikaw agad hinanap. he said you watched the day before nga. we also watched the DTR. akala ko makikita ko rin kayo dun.

anyway, see you on the 4th run!
excited na rin ako sa movie. :)

and yeah Andee is soooo cute!