Thursday, October 19, 2006

Vacation Leave

I am on vacation leave today till tomorrow. Was supposed to go to Palawan for that much needed rest and 'other matters'. Mama has been there since October started. 'Naglalambing si Lola mo, gusto ng kasama' (Your grandmother wants some company). But because of some unforseen (unfortunate?!?) events at the office... well, sayang.

Spent the day making test reviewers for Andee. It's their 2nd Periodical Exams next week. Diego is getting along pretty well with his new yaya (nanny). Buti naman. Had time checking my mails and my store. Got hooked on playing games on the computer...specifically Rollercoaster Tycoon 3. Grabe, addict to the max!! I started playing this game (after Sim City4) more than a year ago. Ngayon lang ulit kami nag-bonding!

The air's getting cooler and it 'smells' like Christmas already. Well, not much is happening yet.... just a little blah-blah to get something posted hehe. Till next one!

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