Thursday, December 21, 2006

What I got at the Zaturnnah Premiere

I was oh so excited yesterday morning after work. We are to watch the Zaturnnah movie premiere at 7:00pm at Cinema10 in Megamall. And ummm.... we (me, my mom and my mom's aunt) accomplished a few things:

- got to leave the house early anticipating the Christmas rush afternoon traffic (we were right!) and arrived at Megamall around 3:00pm

- got to finally go around Megamall after almost a year! and checked out the newly opened Christmas bazaar at the Megatrade Hall

- got to be amongst the first to arrive (at 6pm) for the 7:00 pm 'Red carpet premiere show'

- got to spend 3 hours (yup, 3 hours!) standing, waiting for the celebrities to arrive, eventually also getting leg cramps and a very full and complaining bladder.

- got to spend another hour listening to the stand-up comics asking trivia questions to patrons para aliwin at para medyo makalimutan na ang 7:00 pm ay nagiging 9:00pm na

- got to finally see the cast arrive at 10:00 pm

- got to FINALLY watch the movie at almost 12 midnight. They change the MTCRB rating from PG-13 to GP

- got to sit at the reserved first row balcony (premiere) section of the theater and on the second row are the complete cast of ZsaZsa Zaturnnah the movie, behind us, most specifically Dolphy, ZsaZsa Padilla, Glaiza de Castro, Pauline Luna and Chokoleit.

What can I say about the movie? Well, aside from that loooong, loooong wait that had most patrons going home before they let us in, and have more leave when it was announced that the movie will start at 12midnight because of a certain 'problem', I simply just love the opening production number, Dodong's (Alfred Vargas') noodles, Rustom's acting, the confrontation scene between Queen Femina and Zaturnnah. What major thing I see here missing is comic timing. For me, it failed to get hilarious, never-ending tummy aches because of laughing sooo hard as in the musical. Some scenes were too long, parang gusto ko nang sumigaw ng 'cut!'.

ZZZ Ze Moveeh is very, very Regal Films... and I know A LOT will REALLY be comparing this movie with its theater counterpart (which will have, by the way, it's 4th run at the Huseng Batute Theater in CCP on January. Watch ulit!), though keeping in mind that this is a totally different medium, those who didn't have the opportunity to watch the play or read the book will enjoy. Toward the end of the movie, the audience were shouting 'Part 2!' already. So No further comment :-)

Pahabol: Oh yes, I still find the frog cute and adorable.

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