Sunday, April 29, 2007

Zaturnnah Ze 5th!

Tanghalang Pilipino brings back its rousingly funny hit musical based on Carlo Vergara's graphic novel - ZSAZSA ZATURNNAH (ZE MUZIKAL)! The beloved parlorista superhero(ine), is back in fighting form to defend a small town from a giant frog, rampaging zombies and power-tripping planet women. This fabulous production will again run for three weekends from June 15-July 1 (Thurs- Sun) at the Carlos P. Romulo auditorium of the RCBC Plaza in Makati City.

Eula Valdez now has an alternate as Zaturnnah-- singer-comedienne Kakai Brosas, known widely as K Brosas (see picture), known for singing jazz blues music. A bit of trivia here... did you know that K Brosas was the first choice as Zaturnnah? When we heard about it the first time, when the muzical was still in its planning stages, we really thought it was a good choice. Babaeng bakla! I've seen K in person and she does have that big, sexy built and character to portray ZZZ. It was only because of her schedule that she was not able to commit. Eula is THE Zaturnnah. But it would definitely be fun to watch K!

Tuqs Rutaquio (gandang-ganda talaga ako sa kanya) as Ada now has, ehem, Vince de Jesus as alternate. THIS I WOULD DEFINITELY LOVE TO SEE! I admire Vince because of his brilliance in putting in the right music to the play. Watching him would be something!

Joey Paras, I've heard will not be able to do Didi since he has other engagements. According to Cak, his replacement would fit the role to a 'T'. I just forgot his name... can you read my tongue please? Nasa dulo ng dila ko e. He was one of the TP company of actors who are the townfolks.

As a side note... around 1-2 months ago, after work, I saw a familiar figure outside our office building. It was Red, the actor who opened Act2 of ze muzical with a very soulful song, and the one who doned the giant frog's costume. Hmmm..what's he doing here? Di ko matiis. I went over to him and introduced myself. Lo and behold! We work for the same company but in different accounts. Small world.

This (bigger and better) production is reportedly the last, before Cak releases the second book. Naku, bro, have we finished with the revisons already?!? .. Toxic ito!


Jheck David said...

Ate Yang, Joey's replacement is Nar Cabico. ;) I've sent him a message through his Frienster account and wished him the best. Imagine this though, he is only 16! He's nervous as hell. Sabi ko just stay focused and act as if wala tayo run. ;)

Reia said...

Ayun!!!! 'Ner' ng 'Ner' ang iniisip ko.! And he's only 16??!!?!?!?! Oh wow! Cak says he's good! :-)

Gin Pomelo said...

Pwede! pwede! hawig-hawig din ni Eula!