Sunday, September 02, 2007


Unusual. Peculiar. Weird. The whole month of August has passed and I only have one posting. Hmmm.... what did I do?!?! Thinking back... One of the highlights here is last month was when my brother, Earl, arrived from Dubai for a brief vacation. Finally got to have a long overdued sibling photo. Can't remember when the last one was!

My grandmother arrived in Manila on the 16th from Puerto Princesa to celebrate her 89th birthday with my mom and my titas. Tita Bing (2nd after my mom) arrived from Iloilo. Tita Ann (3rd) was granted a 4-day visit from work in Bangkok, while Tita Lang (their youngest) offered her place for their mother-daughters-birthday-celeb-cum-bonding weekend.

Diego, my 5 year old had his moment when they celebrated 'Linggo ng Wika' on the 25th in school when their whole class had a 'field demonstration' of "Ang Bawat Bata sa Ating Mundo", an APO remake of a band which name escapes me at this moment. Had a mother-son winning moment at Newspaper Dance Contest. Hah! we beat them all!!! hahaha! Never thought I can carry Diego and do a one-leg tip-toe on a 1/32 folded Bulletin Today. Finally got to meet Diego's most bragged about unofficial girlfriend, Julieanne. Cute girl! :-)

On the 26th my nephew, Hugo, celebrated his Spiderman-themed 4th birthday at KFC Marquinton here in Marikina with all kids coming in in their favorite superhero costume. A lot of kids showed up (bakit wala ito ung panahon namin!?!?!) -- Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Incredible Hulk (this kid was all GREEN and in tattered clothes obviously, and the KFC guard almost didn't let him in!), cheerleaders, Princesses, Fairies. etc.
Picture on the left shows Andee as Kim Impossible for the day, while Diego was in a camouflage number-- his Batman costume lacked the cape and now shows his bellybutton-- which might not give a good impression, har, har. Ron's kids, Jaki is Raphael--Ninja Turtle ito! and Macy had her fairy wings on. And finally, Hugo in his Spidey costume. Carol's niece, a very cute about 6-7 month old baby girl came in as Baby Darna, complete with boots emerged as the winner.
Lastly, it was my dad's birthday on Aug. 19th. He would've been 85 years old. Wondering how he might have felt if he were still with us. Wondering if we'd all be with who we are right now, or where we're working, or living with. Well... speaking for myself-- mine would've been very different. I won't have Andee or Diego. Or I probably won't be around the people I love right now. Maybe. Just thinking.

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