Thursday, October 04, 2007

Diego's surprise

Iyak ako. Sa totoo lang.
Diego had his 1st trimestral exam for Senior Nursery in school (Kids on Focus) a week ago. Yesterday he showed me this star given to him by his teacher, along with the other scores of his exams. A perfect 60/60 combined score in Math for oral and written exams. Same with IQ (20/20 combined scores). Not far behind are his 2 other subjects, Science (49/55), and Reading (54/60).
Two weeks before that, they were being reviewed already for IQ, Math, Reading, and Science. Reviewers were also given so we can guide them at home. Fortunately, or unfortunately, I had to wait for Diego to arrive home from school at around 11:15am (I get home at 9am), wait for him to finish his lunch and would have a review session--- for about 2 minutes. 5 minutes tops!!! From the beginning, I am a bit apprehensive on how Diego would fair in school. He has always been 'up and about', parang kiti-kiti-- and has a very,very, VERY short attention span. After a few question and answers here, and a few reviews in Reading there... ayaw na niya. Exam week was soo stressful for me. Di ako mapakali. Not that I don't trust him enough to do his best, it's just that maybe I don't see enough effort from him, not like Andee. Whew.. at least now I can breathe!

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