Friday, October 19, 2007

Student rate

This was the second time this month where my morale was boosted and ego reaching its high. Two times on separate occassions this month that I was 'charged' P6.00 jeepney fare. SIX PESOS!! I had to return the excess change the jeepney driver gave me. I've been mistaken to be years younger but this is too much! The first time was after dusk, so it was a bit dark already, so I gave that as an excuse. But this morning around 7:00am, the sun was almost up, and there were only 3 other passengers riding the jeepney, so no more excuses, right? "Ay, akala ko estudyante" ... is the response I get. Hah!

Senior citizen rate yan!
Inggit ka lang. hehe.

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