Tuesday, October 16, 2007


"Ganyan talaga mga lalaki-- walang pakinabang!" The company nurse said. I just shrugged my shoulders when asked where the husband is. I was (again) in a near fainting spell at the office the other night. This time it was coming from the tail of my spine going up my back. Heat-like hot flushes. Suddenly I was perspiring and hands turned ice-cold. Vision began to blurr. Blood pressure was unstable.

So that's what it felt like... you are about to be sent home at almost 12 midnight yet there's no one you can call. Way back Warner days I'd have someone at my side at the blink of an eye and be worried sick.. but that was then.

"Wala bang barkada? boyfriend? someone? special someone? who can pick you up and take you home?" the nurse asked again.

Wala e. Nalungkot ako bigla. So it boils down to this.. reality bites hard. And it hurts.


fortuitous faery said...

i hope you're feeling better...are you going to see a doctor for that?

Reia said...

seen the doctor a bunch of times already... from ECG to goiter to pre-menopausal syndrome!!! OMG! what else is left?