Thursday, November 22, 2007

I shall kill your monstah!

Who would have thought that the voice behind Mr. Beaver (The Chronicles of Narnia) would give a great impact and life to the triumphs and trials of the 6'6" Norse warrior of the legendary 8th century 3,000-line long epic poem.

Watched Robert Zemekis' Beowulf in 3D at the Imax Theater (Mall of Asia) . Never really paid much attention to this epic in high school english literature-- actually never really understood it! 75% of the class got confused between Beowulf and Grendel, from the name alone, that is, which is hero or foe.

While Robert Zemekis' film adaptation contains and remains faithful to the characters and themes of the actual story, there is also a bit of 'spice' in it which involves Grendel's mother toward the movie's end. Something the would leave the viewers in thought, and something to talk about.

Visually enticing, and since it's in 3D, it gives you heart-stopping adventure and scenes, -- the cobblestones at the beach, the spear from the guard you'd swear is directly pointing inches from your face, the fight between Beowulf and Grendel, with a lot more to drool on (hehe, and you guys out there thought you've got Angelina Jolie!) --Beowulf has to strip, as he says that the 'monstah' does not have any clothing or armour, therefore he has to fight fair! OMG he can fight all he wants! The fight scene happens in all his naked splendor. But of course, it's so fast and so well done that you'd thought you've seen 'it' but...tsk.tsk..too bad...! hahaha! I like this heartwarming scene (umm..not 'exactly' heartwarming 'visually', though) when Beowulf needed to sacrifice his arm in order to slay the dragon and save his queen and mistress. It's the look on his face that makes one feel his desperation! *hikbi*

Three thumbs up! Bravo! Clap! Clap! Clap! Nood tayo ulit!

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