Sunday, November 25, 2007


Andee took time off with her dad today. Diego was on 'day-off' with his Yaya. It was quite surprising that he showed up. It was fairly common that he'd promise a date, let the kids wait in anticipation, then stood them up. This time, he called saying that he'll be right over. Never seen Andee in a hurry to get ready.

6 hours later. Andee was crying. I was in a bad mood. She doesn't want her dad to go. She wanted him over, if not on Christmas, then New Year. I admit I may be the wicked witch here. Inasmuch that I tried to contain myself, I was still rude to him. I can't even stand talking to him. I don't like him asking me questions as if he'd still have control of what I do. It was hard since I don't want Andee being a witness to this. Ako nanaman ang masama!

Where do I stand now? Andee wanted to go out as a family. I don't think I can do it...even for her sake. But for her sake, I'd also rather not lest she hears harsh exchange of words again. I can hear Andee crying over at mama's room. She won't talk to me.

I just had to go out and be alone, or I'll be the next one crying..

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