Friday, October 14, 2005

Cry for help

My whole week was bad. It was downright terrible. Stress at work and here comes the danger of the company where I work with shutting down. I feel depressed. No time for myself. No one to talk to. Peace and quiet at home was next to impossible. Too old (?) to look for work (yeah, since most Philippine jobs have a maximum age limit of 30, unless I'd settle for call centers AGAIN which is the last thing I wanna...). Lots of financial obligations, etc. etc. etc.

The stress is getting so physical and I can really feel the discomfort. Headaches. Back and neck pains. I get hot flushes (left side of my head, starts with my left ear actually..) every now and that stress related or am I getting old?!?!

I cried buckets the other day, glad a good friend was there. She has yet to convince me to listen to those hypnosis theraphy downloads thingis about gratitude, confidence, etc, that could help and liven me up. "It's only 28 minutes, Sis!" Yeah. 28 whole minutes. It's short-- but way to long for,..wailing! I could picture buckets and buckets of tears again. Eyes and nose all swollen and red. She eventually managed to have me do deep breathing exercises instead.." to clear yourself of those negative vibes..etc...etc.."

Well, it did help. For now...

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doris said...

It sounds awful. I hope you will feel stronger soon and that things will eventually be better. have faith. It could be your life is being tipped upside down to make you go in the best direction for you.

If it is any consolation I get all red-eyed and puffy when I cry. Not like on the movies when the film star has a gentle and gorgeous tear in the corner of their eye. Not fair is it?!