Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Name Game

I frequent my Friendster account every once in a while and noticed a list for "top searches in my network". Topping the list was "the meaning of my name". Really, how a name makes the person--or how the person makes the name! Meaning of the name comes in only secondary... the main event is deciding on WHAT name.

I remember minor arguements and discussions when deciding a name for my kids...AND my cats! Criteria? As a parent, It would range from a favorite name we have in mind just in case we had kids, to a combination of both parents' or grandparents' names, to a favorite artist or singer or president, to names of trends whether in fashion or movies, etc. As a pet owner, it would range mostly from physical characteristics of your pet, to favorite icons, or expressions, and trends, to the first thing that comes to your mind. And while we're at it...

I have 2 names.. Reia Paulina.
Reia (reeya) was given by my dad... for "Rey", spanish for king and Paulina from both grandmothers: Paulina and Carolina.

My kids names are: Andrea Mari Mikaela and Tristan Diego Romano.
  • Andrea from my paternal great, grandaunt,
  • Mari from both of our (Nikki's and mine) moms.. Marie Sharmaine and Maria Ceres ; and
  • Mikaela, from St. Michael since my mom insisted a name based on the catholic calendar (hence, Sept. 29th, Andee's birthday is also the feast of the 3 angels.. one of which is St. Michael)
Tristan Diego Romano V.
  • Tristan from his dad's name Tristan Cesar III,
  • Diego from a favorite name since high school, and
  • Romano, I don't know where his dad got it.

Diego is 'the fifth' for obvious reasons and I'd say a male's point of pride...Tristan Sr. (greatgrandfather), Tristan Valentin Jr. (eldest son), Tristan Cesar III (a.k.a. Nikki, Andee's and Diego's dad), Tristan Nolan IV (third son) and finally Tristan Diego V.

And for some of those who say that, whoa... poor kid! giving them a hard time at school writing down their full names! LOL well.... Andee managed and actually enjoyed it, writing her full name, I mean. As with Diego, hmmm..I'll know next year.


manzkee said...

hI! nICE BLOG you got here!!! Nakita ko lang ang blog mo sa BE. Nice!!!

badbadtz-carlo said...

... mine was Roi Carlo - from King Charles... mum sez i was born same year prince charles and princess di got married... hmm... as for my cats... they never had luck in being dubbed with good names... most of them i named based on color.... itim... puti.. owange... mummy taba...stripes... muning... muningning... kuting... kutingting... hay... :)

Anonymous said...

mine's simple
Henson Tyler.

My dad is Henry, therefore Henry's son. haha!

My mom is Tessie ... tas ayun, naging Tyler.