Friday, October 21, 2005

20 bits of info about me

There are perks for being a frequent diner at Kusina ni Karina... you get tagged! LOL now I try to think back more than 3 decades for those 20 bits and am now jotting them down in my scratch pad...
  1. Spicy food! spicy food!
  2. At 5'5" I am so totally, totally underweight at 95 lbs
  3. My maximum weight during pregnancy was a whooping..drumroll pls... 125 lbs.!
  4. I melt at a simple "I'm sorry" and totally forget everything!
  5. I love qwek-qwek (boiled quail eggs covered in orange batter deep fried and served with spicy chili vinegar sauce)
  6. I'd rather cook all day than clean the house.
  7. I collect paper napkins and tissues from fast food outlets and restaurants (yes..lots of Jollibee varieties!)...since 1987
  8. Got a perfect score of 100% in art class (was it 4th or 5th grade?) for a popsicle stick project... a one bedroom, two-storey dollhouse with basic furniture etc. Gave it to a good friend, Vivian Mariano.
  9. Highest grade in High School - Statistics /attended remedial class for Algebra.
  10. Highest grades in College - Psychology of Learning, and Industrial Psychology / flunked and repeated Phil. Constitution & Taxation class. (duh?)
  11. Dubbed 'crush ng bayan' at work in Splash Island...( was a 'female-employee-challenged waterpark' )
  12. I've never been to Boracay!
  13. I have an exact pink cardigan that Hermione wore in HP3 (wicked!!! :-))
  14. I have yet to re-claim my driver's license for "Yellow Lane" traffic violation.
  15. I admire Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (hey, keep your opinions to yourselves!)
  16. Appeared in Korina Sanchez' TV Show, Balitang K as spokesperson for Warner Bros.' Bean Bag Collection (2000) only to discover a huge hair clip attached to the collar of my uniform after the taping!
  17. No to beer. Yes to tequilas and margaritas. And coffee. LOL
  18. I'd like to have a ragdoll kitten.
  19. I am a Cafepress and Blogger addict.
  20. This list took me almost 2 hours to finish.

That was hard! But it was fun! Not really 'bits' though..

TAG!! --- scratches to --Cak, and Gel! Now, update your blogs please :-)


dien03bheiby said...

wooow...u rili appeared in korina sanchez' show?? wowowowowowowee!

ha ha di ko alam yun ah...:-D!!!


Reia said...

Hi Dien.. yeh that was in year 2000 when I was still with Warner Bros. ... was asked to do it the last minute (our big boss was supposed to be the one). Kakahiya because of that hair clip! Wasn't able to watch that episode though..may work kasi ako non.. :-)

Vicki said...

HI Reia. LOVED reading your 20 things about you. I might do that myself

Oh and BTW yeah Mozilla REALLY stuffs up your