Thursday, October 20, 2005

Road to recovery

I am now undergoing a tremendous recovery from my initial shock of unemployment. Thanks so much...
  • to my blogging friends for those comments, emails and PMs;
  • to my cat Tygra who still makes me laugh when he falls from the mahjong table while he sleeps and still manages to get on all fours in time;
  • Diego who never fails to steal a kiss while I sit staaaarrriiing at the computer, and
  • Andee who keeps on asking me to draw this and that and argue that her small letter "F" in calligraphy does not look like a small letter "B" (oh yeah it does!!).
So far I've kept myself busy tweaking and doing a major shop make-over for JustCATS , and getting my other stores up. Doing new designs for the holidays. I also recently just set up a blog to complement our Yahoo Group (SSAM high school batch 85). Well aside from that, it's still job-hunting galore!


doris said...

Good for you!

Sometimes terrible stuff is our motivation for getting on with much better things for us. And it certainly sounds like you are on the "road to recovery"! ((Hugs))

Reia said...

hi doris! gee.. i do hope not to get more terrible stuff to keep me motivated! lol thanks for 'being there'