Monday, October 03, 2005

Orange and Lemons

I have a huge crush on this Filipino band Orange and Lemons' lead vocal. See the one in grey? He's got this great voice! I don't know if he is Clem Castro or Mcoy Fundales. I know they've been around and won an MTV Pilipinas Award for best video (2005) and NU Rock Awards’ Best New Artist for 2004. (Thanks to Pinoy Big Brother or I'll never get to know that they existed!)

Can anyone tell me? Guys with great voices are wow!


Reia said...

His name is..Mcoy!!!!! and he's... short.

tintin said...

he is short isnt he? hehehe. but nevermind that he really has a great voice=)

i heart your blog!!!!!i love your cats!! i love cats!

monica said...

hes short? for me hes like super tall. maybe im the short one haha.

i like your blog