Sunday, October 02, 2005

The weekend that was...

Andee celebrated her 7th birthday last September 29th. There was this Fun Day event at her school and I accompanied her. I would want to throw her a birthday party with all her friends, but honestly I couldn't find time to plan it all and besides, raising two kids really had my hands full with all financial obligations. I promised her a trip to Star City Amusement Park, with Diego and her dad (she pleaded..oh well) on Saturday (that was yesterday).

But as unfortunate events would have it, Diego was rushed to the hospital because of frequent vomiting. I had to leave work earlier. It turned out, after series of tests, that he had Urinary Track Infection (at 3 years old?!?!) Anyway, we spent the night at the hospital. His dad, Nikki, came over. Diego was a brave kid. He just yelped a simple 'Ouch!' when the intern inserted the intravenous needle. It was nice to see his dad show concern, for a change.

Yesterday, Saturday, we went to Star City, the second time we went out as a family, ever. I enjoyed it and I knew the kids did too...they were with their dad.

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