Thursday, September 29, 2005

I was a call girl.

I was invited to be a resource person for a class of graduating Industrial and Organizational Psychology students of PUP (Polytechnic University of the Philipppines), to talk about call centers and unemployment. To be exact,
"Call Centers: An aid to Unemployment in the Philippines".

Apparently, the original resource speaker, an Operations Manager from a big call center in Ortigas, Pasig sent his regrets at the last minute. Now, why me? I was asking Jen ( My aunt. She's 24 and a student at PUP) the same thing. Aside from me being the nearest relative to had worked in call centers, she has no other choice!

I was a 'call' girl. My uh, very umm, 'impressive' portfolio in this field extends to 3 call center gigs (for SmartPhone technical help, to BellSouth DSL, to JpMorgan) in just about 18 months! Yeah, I am a quote/unquote..authority in this subject all right! I'm not exactly THAT enthusiastic of talking about something not exactly my league. After confusing my bodyclock, ruining my eating habits, commiting 'social' suicide, and losing 15 pounds... (graveyard shift blues) I doubt if I'll ever wear another headset again. Why not have a talk on how to blog!, or do pressed flower art, or how to successfully bathe a cat? or stuff like that ?!?!? I only had about 6 hours to prepare, but thanks to google and my reliable PC, it was a breeze! Well, I won't go into details of my one hour talk. A lot has been written and said about this so called Sunshine Industry that is, Call Center phenomenon to hit Philippine shores. Whether good or bad, advantageous or not, I was glad to had been in it.

And based on the questions raised after the talk...I'd say I did swell. Even had a few students asking for tips and more information for their thesis. That was a great morning and now, just had my lunch... and I'm

I was a 'call girl', and at 37, I am, ehem, an authority(in my own terms hehe).

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Aldo Rey said...

Interesting. I'm considering applying to a call center. I'm currently writing my resume. Can you spare any quick tips or hints for a stranger? ^_^