Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Mini me and thongs!

Mini skirts. That's what I have mostly. Mini skirts. It was a gruesome task of weeding out my closet and this are all I find. I've never really gotten used to wearing those long, flowing skirts. Well, if I DID, it would have a slit up to mid-thigh!!! Nothing really..just feel more comfortable wearing those minis, aside from my usual jeans and shirt. I always advice those who prefer minis to wear at least dark undies!! Yeah, unless you'd like the guy across you seeing something he shouldn't see (applies mostly to us who take the public jeepney to work!).

And speaking of which, I wore a new thong to work (har-har!)! I just hate it when I see a suspicious outline of an undie across your butt when you wear jeans. The only thing is, with the trend now of low-waist jeans, people do get an itsy-bitsy glimpse of what you're wearing when you sit or bend down a little. I had to ride a tricycle on my way to work but this time, sit at the back of the driver (I was running late, ok?) That gentleman of a guy already sitting inside the tricycle's cab didn't offer his seat! So, in short, I could feel the cool wind brush my lower back... and i just realized that I was in full (back)view of this guy giving him a little peak of what I was wearing.

Well, hmmm...lucky guy.


dien03bheiby said...

i'm quite impressed about the fact that you mostly have mini skirts.

the truth is, i've only got three in my closet. my favorite one is pleated. thanx for visiting my blog.

pls. do visit it again and can you say something about my latest entry? thank u.

dien03bheiby said...

hi ate reia!

i appreciate the fact that you have the time to drop by my blog.

naiinggit? he he he, do you have children? if you have, how old are they?

ate, mahirap din yung may conditions na binibigay ang parents ko but i'll try to fulfiil those conditions as hard as i could.

kars said...

hi! Every girl should try wearing athong once in their lives.