Friday, November 11, 2005

Back Home

Home at last! after 3 sleepless nights and 4 days at the hospital. Andee seems better now. She made friends with the interns and nurses, and 'enjoyed' her stay at the hospital. Except for, well,

  • the number of times (4!!) she had to endure the pain of the intravenous needle (three nurses had to hold her down!) because it comes off, due to her jerking, kicking, howling and all;
  • the times (2!) when she had to undergo a skintest to determine if she has allergic reactions to the medication; and
  • the number of times times (9!!) when antibiotic had to be injected via the intravenous tube (yes it hurts, while the medicine itself thick in consistency, one could feel it, like a burning sensation once it enters your veins).

It pains to see her in this situation. But I hope she learns from all this. She never really listened to us... rest, rest, and rest when you are sick. But no!! And this is what she got.

The first night she was asking for her dad, and was asking why the other kids have their dads with them. Nikki never really called the house-- after that fit with my mom (long bad story). When we were transferred to a private room on the second day, she again hoped that her dad was there (she just mentions this to me, not to her grandma-- (guess she knows of the situation). Last night, our last night there, at 8 pm after her grandma left, her dad came (got info from Diego's nanny). You could see Andee's face.. wide-eyed, brightened-up, smiling. Almost brought tears to my eyes. Nikki stayed by her side and Andee began talking, as if updating him on what had happened since her birthday (the last time they saw each other). She asked him to stay with
her till she slept. And he did. Then he left, but not without arguing again and digging up pasts.

I can't hide the fact on how bad I really felt because of the reason he visited. It was not because of Andee, though he says it is... but it was for his own self-reasons.

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