Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Ooops! forgot...

I got this PM from a friend who was sort of wondering why I still hadn't posted the pictures of the pressed weeds I did for Siglo:Freedom, as stated in one of my blog entries. Sorry po! Tumatanda na kasi! (Getting older!) I've posted a few here.. installment muna ha?!? So it'll give me an excuse to post another entry! LOL

The colors are still there but not as intense as when I first made it (2 years ago!!!!) Again, they are mostly weeds. First one is pressed cosmos and santan. Second is pressed bachelor's button. The third, weeds from our garden, and forth, bougainvillas (which I learned that their colors lasts just one week!) Actual size is 5x7 More to come!

*** I'll be on 'blog-leave' for a few days, since I'm taking my daughter, Andee, to St. Victoria's Hospital here in Marikina (bronchopneumonia with asthmas accdg. to her pedia). I'm not sure how long but I just hope everything will be fine. She is scheduled also for chest xray and CBC. Till then!!

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