Sunday, November 20, 2005

Diego says....

Today Sunday, is another weekend when the house gets filled up with kids (my brothers, and mine) we usually show-off our kids' latest "talents" much to my mom's and everyone's delight! Here was what my 3 year-old has to offer....

"Diego, can you say stegasaurus? "

"Can you say brontosaurus?"


"How about thesaurus?"


Tired Tunia said...

Cute kiddo! I love making my 2 year old try to say "octopus". He says "aaoopus". It's a good thing that it doesn't take much to amuse me!

Reia said...

lol! i asked diego to say 'octopus' and he came up with 'ocput'! :-)

kars said...

my niece can pronounce computer: computoy

slipper: slippoy

but when you say : computoy and slippoy, she would correct you.