Friday, November 18, 2005

Firefox horror

Geeeez! I've been trying to fix this one for the longest time! Guess I should put a "Best viewed with Internet Explorer" tag. Mozilla Firefox users would get an unpleasant experience when My Scratch Pad gets viewed in their browsers. My blog's completely blown off in Firefox!!!! I tried tweaking things up but as things begin to look good in Firefox, IE gets 'jealous'! I can't seem to fix one without the other one getting blown out!



doris said...

I think it'd be the /div tags which are inside angle brackets but I can't type that here as the mesage won't accept it!

Maybe you have deleted (or added) by mistake..... usually in the sidebar.

I know because I have had this problem myself before.

It is a long job but count the number of opening div tags and there should be exactly the same number of the closing /div tag. Or just experiment by slotting in an extra /div tag towards the end! But make sure you ONLY make one change at a time and remember what it is and check each time. That way you know if you have fixed it. Good luck!

Reia said...

thanks, doris! hmm...that'll really be a long job but i'll do anything! :-) i never thought about the /div tags... made a little improvement with the /p tags though! i'll do that! :-)

doris said...

Hmmm. I think it might be a little worse now! Good luck!!!!