Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Of ghosts, spirits and dwarves

Halloween, All Saint's Day, All Soul's Day.

All that was shown on television were documentaries and news about ghosts, spirits, and the unknown. My kids would watch these shows too, but not without the preliminary pleading and tanrums, AND the expected 'stay with me while I sleep' post-tv horror/ghost show rants. Shows like these interest them, probably because they had first-hand experience with the 'supernatural'.

Andee and Diego had been seeing some 'things'. Andee, most especially... dwendes (dwarves) , white ladies, and a kapre here in the house. A white lady looking at her from the window, or from our gate. Dwarves (3) who would tickle her feet in the morning, or invite her to visit their home near our kamias tree, or who just watch her from our garden. The kapre whom she saw, once, inside our house (minus the cigar).

I've had my share too. Something that would merit a story for Nginig! Aside from seeing (mostly) spirits here at home and office, I've seen dwarves and well, was courted by one, or rather, was 'mated' by one. Well, yes, I was shocked too, when my kids and nephew got sick for no reason and no medicine could heal, and had them visit an 'albularyo' or 'manggagamot' only to find out that it was me she wanted to 'treat'. Which exlains why my monthly period lasted more than 5 days (and heavy flow at that!) instead of the usual 3; why I have 'small, collective' bruises in my inner thigh, why I feel that I've been 'used', and mostly, why I've got blisters, wounds and scabs on both my legs which never seem to heal.

I apparently 'lost' his baby, according to the albularyo. There were lots of thing that happened that time (Dec. 2003-Jan 2004) But to make the story short, I had to do a food offering in our garden. I was treated with coconut oil mixed with various leaves, barks, stones and chants-- the wounds were gone in about 3 days. Since then, I've been seeing spirits that are more 'solid', so to speak-- a kid in our room, a tall man in my brother's room, my uncle, a woman-- not the usual peripheral vision sightings. And yes, the dwarves too.. they are still here, the 3 of them.

Hard to believe? Spirits, no, but dwarves? Yeah, at first. Well, I never saw any connection until my brother mentioned a picture of me long ago as a child, which, when our nanny saw it, was torn to pieces and thrown away. The picture? It was me in the garden. And in the background, a dwarf standing by a flower pot.


Vicki said...

The spirit world interests me a lot. I have never experienced it myself but with the amount of cemetries i vist (to photograph) maybe one day I

Reia said...

Hi Vicky! It interests me as well... even before the time I realized I could 'see' them.
I've read somewhere that digital cameras (and camera phones) captures these spirits best... oh well! lol Good luck with your pics! :-)