Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Seeing double

A friend emailed me this photo.

Cats, like people, have their own unique faces, personalities and what not. But as I saw this photo, I really had to do a double-take because this cute feline does look very much like Tygra! Well, disregard the similarities in coat pattern, the way this cat concentrates on getting to the shower reminds me on how Tygra looked while he was curious about a hanging leaf in one of our garden plants. The way this cat flexes its body for balance reminds me of how Tygra manages to do the same when he almost fell from our majhong table. And, the facial features of this cat IS unmistakably Tygra's!

There were instances when I would meet people or acquaintances who would look like people I know. There would be similarities in facial features, habits, etc. Funny now when you think about it, do felines mistake other cats too, to those they know? Hmmm......

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Owen FV said...

this site is cool!

i never had cats - ever but i like the musical Cats - because jellicles can and jellicles do.

Thanks for the visit.