Thursday, December 01, 2005

Tummy question

I came across this link through Kars, who came across it through Owen, who in turn received it via email. It is a link to a German children's book that could answer that famous question "How did I get inside your tummy, mom?" I remembered commenting on Tired Tunia's post on how she successfully answer her kid's who-what-why-where questions with grace and wit!, but never really gotten to answer THE famous question.

It came to me as a shock, really, when I visited the site. I myself am not sure whether I would give this book to my kids, or let alone, let them see it. I am not sure what age level this book is intended for, but based on the drawings, you decide.

Maybe I'm still old school. Maybe times are different now. Or maybe I foresee more questions to come that I might not be ready to answer..! What do you think?

Here's the link:


cindypie said...

oh my! that IS a shock! LOL but it's fun to browse at!

kars said...

kakagula diba? hehehe

kars said...

kakagula diba? hehehe

santiago said...

OMG!!!! so straight-forward!