Saturday, December 03, 2005

My life in blog

My Scratch Pad is 4 months old today!

(It should've been 6 months but I could'nt count the 1st 2 months with 1 entry each!) Oh well! So far my venture into this blog addiction served me well. It's the best therapy in town. From day one that I decided to open myself up to the WWW, I was able to improve my writing, be a lot more creative, discover new things and most of all, made new friends here and abroad!

  • Interesting to note are the stats I received to date: 1742 visitors from 12 countries. Most number of unique visitors was 57 on Sept 6th, while I average 5 returning visits everyday. The most popular blog entry is my unframed botanical peacock story, and as much as interesting keywords are concerned, this blog was found by searching "fixing a broken waterglobe" (huh?!?!) Thank you all!

I take personal pride in helping friends (or groups) put up blogs, like Snap Shots, B.U.D.O.N.G., and La Kulasa. I have the pleasure of blogging for a cause for Fabulous Filipinas and just recently, this evening actually, a pleasant surprise!..... I saw that this blog made it as one of the 52 finalists at the 2005 Philippine Blog Awards (out of 667 nominated blog sites). :-) Nice! that's good enough for me!

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