Sunday, November 13, 2005

Unframed Peacock.. pressed botanical art

This botanical art piece has been laying on a table in our home library, covered by a thick table cloth, along with 4 other pressed flower/weed art on recycled paper with fiber, roughly the size of one whole sheet of cartolina, that I've made almost 3 years ago to date... for the mere reason that I don't have the time to have it framed (aside from framing being sooo expensive here).

The tail consists of dried narra tree pods, and the weeds you see there serving as the tail is actually one whole thing... it takes the length of 1 1/2 newspaper spreads for pressing! The crown is pressed Bleeding Heart, this plant actually grew on the spot in our garden where two of my cats are ummm... resting, and now at the 'rainbow bridge' (kinda weird and spooky at the same time) . The pressed flowers that make up the body are red and yellow santan, malaysian mums, bougainvilla, caballero, and a yellow flower which name escapes me. The peacock's legs are pressed kamias flowers and the feet are a kind of weed found on vacant lots here.

Though the colors now are not that bright and intense anymore, this is still one of my pieces that I am extremely proud of. Framed or not.


kars said...


i love making crafts and art pieces too. someday. i'll make one like this.

ang ganda talaga! ",)

Anonymous said...

love it! :)

Reia said...

Hello Kars! I'll be looking forward to it! Holler if you need help :-)
Hey Anon..thanks!