Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Pizza anyone?

My brother Earl came over to visit this afternoon and offered to treat us for merienda (afternoon snack). There are all sorts of delivery flyers held up by refrigerator magnets (mostly kitty magnets and one garbage bag-shaped one from Marikina Mayor MCF on proper garbage disposal) on our Kelvinator and were we surprised. Attached to our refrigerator door are the following delivery fliers:

Pizza Hut,
Greenwich Pizza,
Shakeys Pizza,
Pizza Smile, and
Yellow Cab Pizza!!!!!! What the.....!?!?!

What's this?!? No Jolibee or McDonald's? Where is KFC or Popeye's or Chowking?!?!
Well, we ended up with Greenwich's Sari-Sari Square Pizza and requested to include their new 'sisig' topping (which really didn't even come close to what the pizza looked like in their commercial).

Funny thing, really. And weird. Well, what's on your refrigerator door?


showmenow said...

ho!ho!ho! mine's full of christmas wish lists from my kids!

Anonymous said...

which pizza flavor was best? my advertising teacher absolutely loves greenwich pizzas, i heard.

our fridge forever has these peel off stickers of a cornucopia -- the thanksgiving basket full of fruits.

...magnets! souvenir magnets from places we've been, magnets with real estate agents' faces on them, a small 1997 school calendar magnet.... class sched...

but no flyers. huhuhu. :p

Reia said...

i hope my kids dont get ideas as to put christmas wishes! :-) thanks showmenow. and henson, long time no hear!!! wow..magnets with faces of real estate agents? what a way to advertise! lol