Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Name Game2

My previous post here dealt with where I got my name, as well as Andee's and Diego's. It's so interesting to note how one person may have a dozen of names up his sleeve! Let me pull up my sleeve for a change...

If you call me by my nickname, Yang, then you could be one of my closest friends or anyone I really feel comfortable with. You could be my classmate in grade school, high school or college. A bit on the informal side. Some with even joke around "What would you be called when you grow old? Lola Yang?" Lola is tagalog for 'grandmother'.

If you call me Yangtze, YangSi or Yang-si-doodle, then you could only be a classmate in Western Civilization during college, or either Nannette, Gel, or Bambie, three of my closest friends.

If you know me as Yang Vergara, then you could be familiar with charcoal and/or oil pastel art works in college or at the City Gallery in Rizal Park where we frequently hold group exhibits. I use this name in my art. Now married, it's hyphenated with my married name.

If you call me Mangyan (an indigenous tribe here in the Philippines), then you could only be my cousin, Angge (Angela) whom my kids call Tiangge (actually means 'store' or 'market' in either tagalog or spanish), derived from 'tita' (aunt) and Angge. Mangyan was derived from 'manang' a name given as respect to an older sister or female, and of course, Yang, my nickname.

You are a younger (than me) member of the family (mother's side) if you call me Manang. You call me Ate, Atsi or Ache-che-- if you are any of my brothers. And Mama, of course, only by Andee and Diego.

If you call me Reia (ree-yah), then you could be anyone I've met at work, or as an acquaintance-- in a more formal setting. If you still call me Reia as in "rheya", then hello?!?...there must be something wrong or you just wanted to have it your way or you can't really pronounce the 'long eeeeee' well...because I would've corrected you already.

If it's Ma'am Reia, then you could be any of my former staff at Splash Island, Warner Bros. or Marks & Spencer. if it's Miss Reia or Miss Yang, then you could be any of my co-supervisors from my past jobs.

If you call me Paulina (my second name) then you can only be Lee Aurelo who right now is 'at large' (hey girlfriend..where are you?!?), or anybody who teased me for having this, during our time, name suited only for lolas!

If you called me Loving, then you could only be my ex of 12 years (sniff!), before I met the person who eventually i married and called me Babe (yes, the pig..LOL), Bab, Beh, or Bah-beh-- and which marriage ended up in a pig sty..

If you call me Miss Beautiful or Miss Sexy, then you could only be my suking tricycle driver whom I knew since grade school. Or that Manang selling vegetables in our local market.

If you call me Ms. Mutya, you are one of those who remembered, supported and trained me in a, well, embarrasing-not-something-I-would-get-myself-into moment of my life in 1990. Thanks!

And lastly, if you call me Hey!, Psst!, Hoy!, Girl!, Lola! then you could be any of my barkada, or my YM chatmates, or you're just trying to be cute, or worse, you don't know my name! Oh well, choose from any of the above, or make up your own LOL as long as you tell me why! So there goes my sleeves! In the meantime, a sufficient and very sincere and friendly "Hi there!" will do!

P.S. As I find this entry to be amusing on my part, I am therefore tagging all my scratches as well as interested readers!!!! Let me know so I can visit you!

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